Wind Turbine Fire Detection and Control

Wind Turbine Fire Detection and Control

Novec 1230 from 3M

Bulldog Turbine Systems are proud to be the global leader in wind turbine fire suppression and protection systems. As exclusive Canadian regional distributors for Sevo Systems  we can provide an extremely competitive pricing package for wind turbine fire detection and control system installations.

Bulldog have extensive wind experience backed by proprietary design techniques that are  unmatched. We have NO competition in this international market. Our stored pressure clean agent tanks have 25% more stored pressure then all!

Why does this matter?


More pressure equals faster hazard control

More pressure enables us to protect more hazard area then all others

More pressure enables our detection efforts to be designed non invasive and proprietary

More pressure enables Sevo Systems to fabricate our clean agent tanks larger then all others when multiple hazard protection is required

Bulldog can offer total micro flood clean agent systems that connect to a fire alarm control panel, shutdown the turbines power, and notify the local fire department of the turbine location in the event of an emergency situation.  These systems utilize Novec 1230 to rapidly extinguish potential fires leaving no residue behind, thereby preventing further damage to equipment.  Novec 1230 takes the heat out of the fire triangle, cooling the hazard removing the chance of reflash or failure to extinguish. Oxygen levels remain the same removing the huge hazard of the technicians being asphyxiated. These systems are ideal in avoiding replacement costs for high-cost and intricate componentry.  Bulldog Turbine Systems will assist in design, installation and maintenance of all of your fire detection and control needs.

Aerosol fire protection should never under any circumstances be used in wind turbine applications: Consequential Loss

  • C.F.P.A. – page #21 – Aerosols cannot be recommended since they may cause consequential loss – Confederation of Fire Protection Association
  • VDS – page #17 Aerosols cannot be recommended since they may cause consequential loss
  • U.S.Coast Guard Research and Development – Aerosol Fire Protection products Damage Electrical Equipment
  • Allianz Global Paper on condensed aerosols – Recommend clean agent based on the potential for damage to sensitive electronics and danger to workers from condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems
  • Eurofeu on particulate aerosols – Not Recommended for manned enclosures, computer rooms, data storage, switchgear due to the risk of thermal stratification. Aerosols must be avoided in these areas as the concentration level can be lethal

In addition to micro total flood systems, we also offer localized direct protection systems that go beyond the main turbine equipment.  Our systems have a proven track record in protecting the key areas of the turbine unit including electrical enclosures, transformers, hydraulic and braking systems, and the scada system in the nacelle and throughout the tower. Our direct protection systems utilize Novec 1230.

Ideally, such fire suppression technology should be integrated into the turbine during the construction phase, as certain municipalities are now requiring it.  However, Bulldog Turbine Systems can retro-fit all existing and operating wind turbines with fire detection, control, and suppression systems. 


How and Why it Works

Sevo Systems offer totally self-contained fire detection and fire suppression systems. They require no electricity to operate and offer automatic 24/7 Fire protection.  The  red Sevo Systems detection tubing is the key to immediately detecting fires at their source.  By routing the tubing through the intricate areas to be protected, Sevo systems can find its way to the fire in a matter of seconds.  Sevo Systems tubing is constructed from a  polymer composition. It is immune to the dirt, temperature extremes, vibration and shocks associated with wind turbines. When the tubing is exposed to the heat and radiant energy from a fire, the tubing bursts and delivers the Novec 1230 fire protection fluid directly to the source of the fire.

Sevo Systems can  activate a fire alarm control panel and also be integrated with the wind turbines system controls to  initiate the turbine’s shut down procedure and notify the local fire authorities of the turbines exact location with details of the emergency.

NOVEC 1230

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